Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 15th

I spoke with Riche Zamour, the UNIF rector who is in Boston and who sent me a text message early this morning saying that “the entire village of Fondwa has collapsed”. Riche said he received a call from Vital who escaped from the UNIF building along with the UNIF students. None of the UNIF people died, but a few were injured although not too seriously. Vital walked to Leogane and from there was able to take a motorcycle to Les Cayes where he has family. Apparently he was able to make a phone call from Les Cayes. We have no confirmed information about the visitors’ center or school in Fondwa at this time, but indications are that they are both collapsed. We have had no direct contact with anyone from the Fondwa valley – only from Vital who was up in Tom Gato.
I am hopeful that we will have more information today.

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