Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update from Hospice St. Joseph

We were just able to call Max and spoke with him for about a half hour. Here is esentially what he said

He and the staff, including Erold, Fr. Patrick are ok. They only have not heard from or about is Giselle, but Max thinks that her neighborhood might not have been hit too badly. He was concerned about Murphy, but we told him that Murphy had left for Canada before the earthquake hit and is fine.

The 3rd floor of the bldg collapsed into the second. He has access to the first floor but has been hesitant to go in because of the aftershocks. He is thinking they may be over now.

Since the clinic was on the first floor he was able to access the food inventory from the nutrition program and some meds from the pharmacy. Right now he is rationing these out to staff and neighborhood people until more arrives.

biggest need is food , water, first aid kits, tents,masks etc. Dawn Pinder, former HSJ director, is coordinating a medical group who will be arriving Wednesday and bringing some of these items. We are going to try and contact the Red Cross and give them Max's location. Matt Marek, who you may have seen on CNN is a friend of HSJ and former employee of Norwich Mission House. Geri supplied us with a cell number for Tom Vriens who has supplies in Arbonite..but no way to get them to Hospice.

He is able to access the generator and is using it to keep his cell phone charged. He would like to us to be in contact with him everyday.

One of our vehicles is available...but gas supply is a big issue.

Banks are not open. but he is working with Anne Hastings of Fonkoze (microfinance banking org) to have some operating currency . He is NOT giving money to people...but is "paying" the staff with some so that they and their families can buy what they can.

Stores are mostly not open, but some things are available on the black market.

Max is aware that some of the students were killed, but right now there is no list of names etc. ..we know sponsors are concerned. GOC the engineering university has collapsed ...many students were in the bldg. we don't know if our students were among those killed.

Max sounded very good....committed and driven to do what can be done and ride this out until help arrives. He started to break down a little, as did we, when we were getting ready to hang up. the HSJ board will make sure to have a daily conversation with him. Email unfortunately is not a very viable option as our satellite is dish is probably in the dining room.

Max requests our prayers and knows we are all concerned and doing what we can. He is heartened by the fact that so many people have reached out to HSJ and Haiti .

..peace..Dennis and Sue

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