Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update from Peter Haas in Cap-Haitien

Personal Analysis:
Cut off from supply chain from PAP with no currency supply the rest of the country is in a rapidly deteriorating state in terms of access to food, fuel money and costs of remaining items rising faster than at the height of the food RIOTS, a few more days and hunger will spark massive unrest country wide. People are subdued due to grief over PAP that will not last long. US Southcom has logistic capability to repair/improve capacity and open all ports (not just Cap, St Mark Jacmel etc) and begin moving goods, people, services and currency throughout the country to the greatest relief to the Haitien people but needs some diplomacy and invitation at highest levels of Haitian government to act.

Notes from UN meetings and parenthetical comments
Supply Chain:
In NORTH URGENT NEED FOR FUEL AND LOGISTIC SUPPORT IN MOVING IT IN (I know this may seem a shock but maybe more so than PAP where fuel is starting to arrive and gas stations opening somewhat)
CAP TEXACO station has opened occasionally offering limited fill ups of a few gallons
UN cannot manage logistics or convoys, no capacity for interdepartmental massive collaboration due to current reduced operations (see earthquake building in pap update). Scarce resources for problems being faced
Port of Cap STILL closed since quake and clogged with empty containers: only 1 forklift and flat bed to move empty containers a few miles away before it can accept aid.
Port of Labadee backed up with unmoving aid, no supply chain for moving goods, reliant on small NGO
Groups sending aid with no structure for movement. Private contractors for transport are hampered by lack of fuel and liquidity.
Port of CAP:Backlog at port of aid for PAP could stop normal commodities like food for supper markets from coming in
Port of CAP:Customs will not work longer hours (6-8) to process unchecked containers faster. Even empty containers require procedural review by customs before they can be moved and stored
RT-1 regraded to eau du cap need to know how far to go
rt-3 to milot (sacre couer hospital) needs work for patient transport

Bank currency supply logistics still hurt: BNC, SOGEBANK open tommorow, BRH open today, Unibank completely closed indefinite (significant leadership loss problems( this hurts MANY NGOS unibank was bank of choice for NGOs big Oxfam, CHF, and small AIDG, SOIL). FONKOZE more distributed in cash supply will open by week end.
Western UNION branches were sporadically open today but cash supply was problematic
Significant problems with logistics of movement of currency suppply, some banks have limited vault reserves that would not survive a run on the bank (which is likely considering the week of no cash)

Infrastructure was just opened as a cluster last night, not yet receiving the resources of say health cluster, more established prior to disaster
Desperate need for engineers:
Unops engineering understaffed 6 people available 20 scattered
permanent assets combat engineers doing S&R and Military engineers sanitation
Warehouse infrastructure not reviewed for an integrity. 1 major aid warehouse considering a loss after aftershocks, badly damaged, large supply of incoming aid cannot be retrieved. Need 7 structural warehouses need review. (AIDG HAS A TEAM UNOPS INFRASTRUCTURE CLUSTER WANTS!! flying into STI tomorrow that we have BEEN UNABLE TO GET SOUTHCOM TO FLY INTO PAP will not get to PAP till SATURDAY EVENING!!!)

Warehouses for food number one
Anything US military can do to help with that is vital in NEXT few days
Need 7 warehouses in PAP
Many UN buildings need structural review just to SALVAGE DOCUMENTS RECORDS AND PERSONAL EFFECTS (70%)
UN living in tents.
UN needs logistic support, especially in procurement of heavy machinery specifically:
they need forklifts, flatbeds for cap port
in pap:
Long arm cranes
Bucket trucks only 3 available
more S&R kits for demolition (jaws of life etc, want existing S&R kits left)
Heavy machinery
demolitions teams
They need massive scale up on technicians and training of locals
Cap acquiring a boat to move goods to PAP - landing craft (could be used for volunteers)

Displaced Populations and Health
CAP Reliant on data from mayor's office (ngo data interviewing bus drivers finds this understated by %50+) offical figure 10,000 (likely 15,000)
CAP No coordinated intake and registration
No review for escaped prisoners (Haiti Police/UN lacks lists of escapees and photos, gathering old wanted posters to scan)
Cap prison needs support
WFP is ringing food for prison, but doing so from PAP (unsure about this note)????
Hospital Sacre couer in Milot receiving patients but still below capacity
Urgent need for psychologists
Orphanages are at capcity, have no cash for food

Unstructured Volunteers
Large numbers of privately coordinated volunteers with almost no situational awareness are showing up from the US
Arriving in Cap airport now that it has opened via chartered flights (due to difficulties in getting to PAP)
Not registering with the Haitien government
looking to UN to coordinate, UN has no capacity, no aid group with capacity is in a position to mange them
Need an organization with logistic capacity to get volunteers to PAP placed with groups and aid

Still sporadic but better. Reliant on diesel supply to towers, 3 days per tower. Can go down again

FROM NGO UPDATES (will email more need to get this out)
routes at times are getting more blocked 18 hour traffic jam from santo domingo
NO NORMAL SUPPLIES FOR THE REST OF THE COUNTRY GETTING IN aid traffic is clogging normal routes
Tensions in Limbe
Massive destruction in Leogane 90% almost tens of thousands lost, LITTLE TO NO AID ARRIVING

Corruption in customs at Cap Airport (likely out of depseration for cash by employees)
Sporadic attacks on private trucks with food coming in from Santiago DR
Cap13 MW ower plant is largely RUNNING

Peter Haas
Executive Director
p: +1.800.401.3860 x701 | f:

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